A proposal for a summer ad campaign based around watercolour products, for Cass Art.

'The main Summer campaign we bring to life in our stores and across digital platforms is our Watercolour Campaign.' CassArt

My initial thought were to create a campaign that included a variety of images, starting with closeups of brushes and paint swirling in water through to final botanical inspired finished artworks. This developed into finding a way to combine the swirls and brush marks with the botanical movement. I also played with type, looking at how to create effective three dimensional effects through cutouts and shadows. This was simplified in the final proposal for clarity, as whilst I loved the result, the text didn’t work with the more abstract watercolour images. These watercolour artworks are a good combination of the abstract, a botanical floral feel and the visible brushstrokes and watermarks in the work. They are from a series of works by the London based watercolour artist Jo Lewis.

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